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9th World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology - new virtual format
20-24th Oct

Register to watch: “A Congress appetiser – 10 quick topics to get you in the mood”

Register to watch:

A Congress Appetiser - 10 quick topics to get you in the mood

Presented by Professor Peter Hill, Mandy Burrows and Anthony Chadwick

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About the webinar:

In this webinar, Peter Hill will cover 10 topics that are immediately relevant to general veterinary practice.  These are:

  1. Is this skin inflamed or not?
  2. When red skin isn’t inflamed
  3. The rash that keeps coming back
  4. Where’s the infection?
  5. When blood isn’t blood
  6. When the rods disappear
  7. When dogs become elephants
  8. The skin condition that catches everybody out
  9. Why the Apoquel didn’t work
  10. Why the Cytopoint didn’t work

You’ll also get more exciting information about the congress itself from Anthony Chadwick (CEO, The Webinar Vet) and Mandy Burrows (WCVD Committee), including a look at the program, a little about the fantastic speakers and plenty more to get you in the mood for WCVD9!

About the Speakers

Professor Peter Hill

Professor Peter Hill is Head of the Department of Companion Animal Health at the University of Adelaide.   He is a graduate of Liverpool Veterinary School and has worked at the Universities of Madison-Wisconsin, Edinburgh and Bristol.  He is a specialist veterinary dermatologist with clinical, teaching and research interests.  His teaching has been recognised by awards from the American College of Veterinary Dermatology, Australian Veterinary Association, Adelaide University and a citation for outstanding contributions to student learning from the Australian Awards for University Teaching.  His research interests primarily relate to the interplay between the immune system and skin microbiome.  He has published 2 textbooks, 98 peer reviewed publications, 31 book chapters and has given over 280 invited lectures in 18 different countries.

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